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The Fifth International Conference on Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapy
Fünfte Internationale Konferenz für Klientenzentrierte und Experientielle Psychotherapie
Conférence Internationale sur la Psychothérapie Centrée sur le Client et Expérientielle
Conferência Internacional de Psicoterapia Centrada no Cliente e Experiencial

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Saturday, June 24 (2 pm) to Thursday, June 29 (noon), 2000
Indian Lakes Resort, Chicago, IL, USA

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Local Organizing Committee: Margaret Warner, 5436 S Cornell Av., Chicago, IL. 60615, USA, mswarner@ripco.com;
Laurel Jonas, Dan Metevier, Nancy Ross, Barbara Roy
Professional Staff: Judy Keippel
North American Program Committee: Margaret Warner, Robert Elliott, Leslie Greenberg, Suzanne Spector, Maureen O'Hara, Jim Iberg, Art Bohart, Lewis Gover, Robert Oppenheimer, Ed Kahn, Alberto Segrera, Ned Gaylin, Fred Zimring

You are cordially invited to attend Chicago 2000. We hope to build on the success of the previous ICCCEP conferences, bringing together people from all over the world for exchanges within a scientific and experiential framework. The programm will include plenary meetings, presentation of papers, demonstration of practice, and exploratory discussions as well as small groups for more intimate dialogue and personal reflection. The official language of the conference will be English.

2000-1.gif (5714 Byte) arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) Indian Lakes is an attractive resort center with good sports facilities (indoor and outdoor swimming pool, sauna, tennis courts, two 18-hole golf courses, etc) and good food, located on 260 acres of countryside. It's convenient to the Chicago O'Hare International Airport (20 min away), Midway Airport and downtown arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) Chicago (40 min.), and lets us all stay under one roof in pleasant surroundings.
Indian Lakes Resort: 250 West Schick Road, Bloomingdale, IL 60108, USA • T: +1 630 5290200 or (within the USA:) 1 800 3343417
arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) Chicago is an international city in the heartland of the United States. It features a magnificent architectural skyline, a beautiful lake shoreline, and a wide variety of cultural activities, including blues and jazz clubs, museums and a word class symphony orchestra. Chicago is the historical site of the University of Chicago Counseling Center founded in 1945 by Carl Rogers.

2000-1.gif (5714 Byte) arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) The conference fee will be $440 (payment in full before March 1; $490 afterwards. We ask that the balance be paid by May 1, 2000) – which includes conference costs, all meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and meeting space; to be paid by check or money order drawn on a USA bank in US dollars or by VISA or Master Card credit card.
If you need to cancel your registration before March 31, 2000 you will save 80% of your payment returned. After March 31, 2000, 50% of your payment will be returned.
arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) Hotel accomodation fees: The hotel offers the following rates to those participants who would like to extend their stay up to three days before or after the conference. Suite rates are available. (You are free to make  your own off-site accomodations. For more information contact Judi Keippel.) Rooms will be $49.50 per person a night triple occupancy (extra bed added to double room), $69.50 double occupancy, or $139 single occupancy (plus tax).
arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) Send your registration and payment (conference fees and hotel deposit) to Judi Keippel, 2743 N. Albany, Chicago,. IL. 60647, USA • T: +1 773 2788476 • wkeippel@kiwi.dep.anl.gov
arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) Registration will start at 10 a. m. on June 24.

2000-1.gif (5714 Byte) arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) Alternatives sites

Days Inn, 600 East Lake Street, Addison, Illinois, 630-834-8800
$54.00 per night for 1-4 adults
Cab fare to Indian Lakes would be $20 one way for up to three people.

Extended Stay America , 1181 N. Rohlwing Road , Itasca, Illinois, 630-875-1400
$319.00 for 5-7 nights [at five nights it would be about $64.00 per night] for one person  $340.00 for 5-7 nights for two people
Cab fare to Indian Lakes would be $22 one way for up to three people

Amerisuites, 1150 Arlington Hts. Road, Itasca, Illinois, 630-875-1400
$54 - $79 per night on weekends / $89 - $144 per night on weekdays for 1-2 people [rates vary]
Cab fare to Indian Lakes would be $22 one way for up to three people

Ramada Inn, 780 E. North Avenue, Glendale Heights, Illinois, 630-942-9500
$89.95 per night.  Includes breakfast buffet
Cab fare to Indian Lakes would be $20 one way for up to three people

Holiday Inn, 860 Irving Park Road, Itasca, Illinois, 630-773-2340
$109.00 per night.
Cab fare to Indian Lakes would be $22 one way for up to three people

All rates are subject to availability

2000-1.gif (5714 Byte) arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) Conference Scholarships: Scholarship awards will be made up to the full amount of the conference registration fee. By the deadline date of April 1, applicants should submit a letter or email to: Margaret Warner, 5436 S. Cornell, Chicago, IL, 60615 USA; mswarner@ripco.com

2000-1.gif (5714 Byte) arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) Call for papers: We invite you to become an acrive participant in the conference by presenting a lecture, presentation, demonstration, workshop, etc. If you would like to do this, please submit a proposal including a title,  brief abstract of your paper (approx. 100 - 200 words) and specification of any audio-visual equipment that will be needed to Margaret Warner (mswarner@ripco.com [email preferred]; 5436 S. Cornell, Chicago, IL. 60615, USA). The deadline for submission of brief abstracts is December 15, 1999. Informal translations may be available at the request of speakers. The conference committee will inform you whether your proposal has been accepted by February 15, 2000.
new_anim.gif (1362 Byte) While proposals for presentations are welcomed for topics of your choice, there are also some special requests for presentations:
arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) 1. Research-oriented presentations. The first two days of the Chicago 2000 conference will be held conjointly with the last two days of the Society  for Psychotherapy Research conference (see below), giving us a special chance for interchanges of mutual interest. So, we particularly encourage proposals on research-oriented topics which we can schedule on Saturday or Sunday.
arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) 2. Empathy dialogues. A great deal is said about empathy in abstract theoretical terms in the psychological literature, but it is often difficult to picture how such theory plays out in the lived experience. Each "empathy dialogue" at Chicago 2000 will structure a personally-grounded interchange between two or more practitioners from different schools of thought around the subject of a tape or transcript of an empathic interchange from each presenter.  Each presenter will be asked to share something of the theoretical understandings which frame the empathic interchange and any other relevant thoughts or feelings about that interchange. The responder will be asked to check his or her understanding of the presenters' reactions and to offer immediate responses in terms of positive reactions and of areas of difference or concern.   Following this overall format it is hoped that the presenters will be able to engage in a dialogue of some depth on the theoretical and personal meanings which empathy has for them in a climate of respect and safety.  Individuals who would be interested in engaging in these dialogues around their own empathic work are asked to submit a proposal briefly describing their own approach to empathic understanding.
arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) 3. Participatory events and workshops. Conference participation is highly stimulating and people attending can easily come to feel overwhelmed or ungrounded.  Each day in the late afternoon we will offer participatory events and workshops which serve a dual function.  They will offer opportunities for practitioners to demonstrate particular aspects of their practice.  And, they will offer conference participants an opportunity to ground themselves in some way in their personal experience.   Some possible examples of such activities are: person-centered groups, expressive psychotherapy, art therapy, interactive focusing, listening opportunities, and bodywork demonstrations.  Proposals should include a description of the activity to be offered and any special requirements for room space or materials.

2000-1.gif (5714 Byte) arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) List of presenters and semi-plenary and group presentations: Click here

2000-1.gif (5714 Byte) arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) Society for Psychotherapy Research Conference. The first two days of ICCCEP will overlap with the last two days of the SPR meeting, also being held at Indian Lakes, giving members of both conferences an unusual chance to exchange views on client-centered and experiential research. The two conferences will schedule some overlapping sessions and events (easy cross registration, no extra charge), and we will have some joint sessions. The Society for Psychotherapy Research wants to honor the early psychotherapy research done by the Counseling Center by Rogers et al. and also has a number of current members doing psychotherapy research.

2000-1.gif (5714 Byte)arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) World Association for Person-Centered Counseling and Psychotherapy. This conference will include the inaugural meetings of the WAPCCP. This organization will serve as a world-wide forum for professionals who identify with person-centered and experiential psychotherapies.  We hope that you will want to be a part of building this new world organization!

2000-1.gif (5714 Byte)arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) Diversity Group Experience. An international client–centered group will be held on the weekend after the conference at another Chicago location (Friday, June 30, 4 pm until Sunday, July 2nd, 2 pm). This group will have a particular focus on diversity. The format of this group is inspired by the client-centered groups run by Carl Rogers and Ruth Sanford in South Africa in the 1980's. Cost including rooms and board: $240.

2000-1.gif (5714 Byte) arrowlittle.gif (65 Byte) The committee built up a web-site (http://www.icccep.org), and made a mailing.

June 24-29, 2000, Chicago USA

(Text from announcements, flyer and postings, September/October 1999 and from website)

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