Third International Colloquium 2002

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Presentation Peter F. Schmid: What is essential? Person-centered and Experiential Psychotherapy

Letter of invitation

As a sequel to the colloquia in Bad Hall 1996 and Kranichberg 1999 the Third International Colloquium of the Person-Centered Association in Austria will be held immediately after the 3rd World Conference for Psychotherapy (July 14-18, 2002) in Vienna.

  July 19 (11 a.m.) – 21 (5 p.m.), 2002
Vienna, Austria
    What is essential?
    Person-centered and experiential psychotherapy – perspectives and prospects

This time — in the year of his 100th anniversary — we will have a profound discussion about the diverse orientations which rely on Carl Rogers, about their commonalities and differences. Thus we invite distinguished professionals in theory and practice of the person-centred and experiential approaches from all over the world to join a stimulating exchange about the identity of person-centered and experiential therapy and counselling. Which are considered to be the core concepts? What are the fundamental aspects of identity and identification? What are the essential differentiations within the orientations and towards other approaches?

Beyond the professional meeting we are looking forward to enriching personal encounters.
As before every participant takes care for his own costs, we, the Austrians, will do our best to care for the organisation and the atmosphere.
In order to have enough time and space for the exchange the group of participants will be kept small.

Robert Bauer, Christian Fehringer, Peter Frenzel, Winfried Janisch, Lore Korbei, Christian Korunka, Peter F. Schmid, Hermann Spielhofer, Marietta Winkler, Elisabeth Zinschitz


The questions: What is essential?

What are the specifics of your understanding of the approach?

In which respect is this understanding based on or rooted in Carl Rogers‘s theory and practice?

Which criteria to distinguish what is person-centered or not are inherent to this understanding?

How did you personally come to this particular understanding?

Which term would you use to characterize your specific understanding of the approach?


The participants

Robert Bauer, A
Ute Binder, D
Christian Fehringer, A
Jobst Finke, D
Charlotte Gröflin-Buitink, CH
Mary Hendricks Gendlin, USA
Lore Korbei, A
Germain Lietaer, B
Peter F. Schmid, A
Hermann Spielhofer, A
Margaret Warner, USA
Marietta Winkler, A
Elisabeth Zinschitz, A

Protokoll des Verlaufs | Minutes (Powerpoint Presentation)

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