call for references 
of empirical research 
on experiential-humanistic therapies


Dear European colleague(s)

The editors Lambert, Bergin & Garfield of the Handbook of psychotherapy and behavior change asked us (i.e. R. Elliott, L. Greenberg and myself) again to write a chapter on 'Research on humanistic and experiential psychotherapies' for the fifth edition which is planned for 2002.  Since I am responsible for the research from European countries, I am addressing myself to you.

Would you be so kind to send to me – preferably before the end of December – references (and if possible the publications themselves and/or summaries) of empirical process and/or outcome studies you or some of your colleagues did since 1990.  Also research that is not (yet) published (like internal reports, master's theses and doctoral dissertations) is welcome; and we are open to different methodologies: sample studies as well as empirically based case studies.

Since we are asked to present a survey of the broader field of humanistic-experiential psychotherapy, we are interested in research on client-centered, experiential, interpersonal, existential and Gestalt psychotherapy, and also in research from other paradigms in which an experiential-humanistic therapy is included as a comparison group or in which some 'typical' variables from our orientation are part of the study (e.g. Rogerian attitudes or experiential procedures).

Thank you very much for your cooperation!


Germain Lietaer
Counseling Centrum
Blijde Inkomststraat 13
B- 3000 Leuven (Belgium)

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