Jan Rombauts   1924 - 2004                            

In July 2004 Professor Jan Rombauts died at the age of eighty. He studied with Rogers in Madison (1962-1963) and can be seen as the ‘founding father’ of client-centered psychotherapy in Flanders. When in 1964 a division of clinical psychology was set up at the Leuven University, he immediately started with a two year half time post master’s training program in client-centered therapy.

In May 1966 Rogers came to visit him; in one of his travel reports (to Goff Barrett-Lennard) he wrote: ”…The greatest professional fun was in talking with the young staff of the Counseling Centrum. It seemed like my first days in Chicago all over again”.

His favourite topic was empathy, about which he wrote some profound articles. He was also a co-editor of the Leuven Conference Book ‘Client-centered and experiential psychotherapy in the nineties’ (1990).

Germain Lietaer

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