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John K. Wood   +  August 22, 2004                            

John Wood 1934 - 2004

John K. Wood has died in Brazil.  He had Hepititis C and his immune system was damaged enough so that pneumonia was able to end his life.  He died this afternoon, August 22, 2004.

They are having his wake tonight, August 23, and a funeral tomorrow.  His son Stan's email is

(note by Charley O'Leary)

John Wood worked together with Carl Rogers, co-wrote some papers with him (see below) and together with Natalie Rogers and Maureen O’Hara they got engaged in large person-centered groups  In his later years John Wood became interested in ecological and community preservation.
(For his work see [in German:] Schmid, P.F., Personzentrierte Gruppenarbeit, Bd. I. Cologne (EHP) 1994, pp.76-79; Bd. II, pp. 45 & 321-352)

An obituary by Charles O'Leary can be found in Person-Centered and Experiential Psychotherapies 3,3 (2004) (English) and in PERSON 2 (2004) (German). Die deutsche Übersetzung finden Sie auch hier.


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