THE AUSTRIA PROGRAM                   

32nd International Person-Centered Workshop 2015

One week encounter group in the tradition of the La Jolla Program             

Das Austria Programm


redball.gif - 0,37 K THE AUSTRIA PROGRAM

The Austria Program is an outstanding opportunity: the only workshop in Europe that has been offering the unique possibility for more than 30 years, to experience, learn and further explore genuine person-centered work, to develop yourself as a person and to learn personal and political ways of influencing both, your relationships and society.

Established as "La Jolla Program in Austria"in 1978,  The Austria Program is committed to the classical person-centered approach by Carl Rogers.

redball.gif - 0,37 K Organizers: Peter Frenzel, Renata Fuchs, Peter F. Schmid

redball.gif - 0,37 K Facilitating Team 2015:

Peter Frenzel
(Mag., SFU Vienna; IPS, Vienna; Kaleidos, Linz; TAO, Vienna), Renata Fuchs (MAS; SFU Vienna; IPS, Vienna; Zentrum f. Beratung, Training & Entwicklung, Krems), Peter F. Schmid (HSProf. Univ.Doz Mag. Dr., Univ. Graz & SFU Vienna; IPS, Vienna and others.

redball.gif - 0,37 K Time: June 3-10, 2015

redball.gif - 0,37 K Location: Großrußbach Castle, Lower Austria (close to Vienna)

redball.gif - 0,37 K How to get there by train and shuttle, by bus and private vehicle.


redball.gif - 0,37 K Tuition: Early bird (before March 3, 2015) 680 EUR, regular fee 730 EUR.
Lodging and board to be paid on location. Please note the conditions for participation and payment to be found here. Under certain conditions VAT may be added.


redball.gif - 0,37 K Languages: German and English.

25th Austria Program, 2003

The relationships both in the small groups and the community provide a chance to grow and to learn

redball.gif - 0,37 K to experience and learn the person-centered approach and its social implications in action

redball.gif - 0,37 K to better understand yourself and others and to enlarge your behavioral repertoire towards greater creativity and freedom

redball.gif - 0,37 K to encounter the diversity of people of different age, sex, origin, education, profession and culture

redball.gif - 0,37 K  to learn and practice the art of facilitating groups and to find out how you can be helpful for others

redball.gif - 0,37 K to find out the conditions for collective ways of decision-finding and self-guided learning

redball.gif - 0,37 K to learn to understand and further the development of small and large groups and intergroup relations


• Coulson, William R. / Land, Doug / Meador, Bruce, The La Jolla experiment. Eight personal views, La Jolla 1977

• Peter F. Schmid, "Ein Kontrastprogramm" - Das La Jolla Programm, ein Personzentrierter Workshop, in: ders., Personzentrierte Gruppenpsychotherapie in der Praxis, Bd. II, Paderborn (Junfermann) 1996, 411-424

Peter F. Schmid, 25 Jahre Austria Programm — Der Personzentrierte Ansatz als persönliches und politisches Programm. Einige Lernerfahrungen (pdf)

Person-Centered Weekend Encounter Group

redball.gif - 0,37 K Registration online, by phone, fax or post

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