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Welcome to The Person-centered Website and the homepage of Peter F. Schmid.
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offer worldwide service and information for the person-centred community and people interested in the Person-Centered Approach, particularly in the fields of psychotherapy and counseling, theology and art.

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Overview: Selected English Pages

Below you find a list of selected pages which are completely or partially in English

Current activities, latest news, forthcoming events
World Congress for Psychotherapy: Plenary lecture by Peter F. Schmid
Books and bibliographies by Peter F. Schmid
List of publications by Peter F. Schmid (German and English)
Topical book: Thorne/Lambers, PCT: A European Perspective
Current psychotherapy papers by Peter F. Schmid in English
The Carl Rogers Bibliography: alphabetical and chronological
Recent person-centred books (English, German, Dutch) (since 1994)
Person-centred journals
PERSON. Austrian Person–Centered Journal (in German & English)
Forthcoming workshops (German & English)
The Austria Program (former La Jolla Program in Austria)
PCA (Person-Centered Association in Austria)
List of pc institutions worldwide
European Network (NEAPCCP)
World Association (WAPCCP)
Forthcoming international events
Selected person-centered links

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Visitor's book
About Peter F. Schmid
University of Graz
Forthcoming workshops
Registration and information
The Austria Program (former La Jolla Program in Austria)
Person-Centred Training Program in the Tyrol, 1999-2001   Person-centered training program in the Tyrol
Conference on supervision by IPS, BVP & GwG   Conference on supervision
The Y2K Jubilee & Symposium: 20-30 years of the German speaking associations GwG, GwG, APG, SGGT   Jubilee & symposium of German speaking associations 2000
World Congress for Psychotherapy: Plenary lecture by P. F. Schmid
Topical infos
Books and bibliographies by Peter F. Schmid
List of publications by Peter F. Schmid (German and English)
Latest book by Peter F. Schmid & latest English PCT book
Papers on psychotherapy by Peter F. Schmid
  Theological papers by Peter F. Schmid
  Papers on art by Peter F. Schmid
The BRETTERHAUS theatre   The BRETTERHAUS theatre group: History and current production
International practical-theological journal   Journal DIAKONIA
  The Person-Centered Approach
  IPS – The Institute for Person-Centered Studies, Vienna
PERSON. Austrian Person–Centered Journal
Recent person-centred books: English, German, Dutch - since 1994
Austria: PCA – International Person-Centered Association in Austria
List of European Associations and Institutions
European Network (NEAPCEPC)
World Association (WAPCEPC)
Forthcoming international events
Selected person-centered links
Practical-theological links   Links Theology

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